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Story Time

Each Story Time will include 1-3 books being read by a member of our staff, depending on the patience of our little customers. Afterwards, guests are welcome to paint a piece that goes along with the theme, although no purchase is necessary.

Must preregister by calling or stopping by the shop as there are limited spaces available. 

Kids Night Out

Kids Night Out is ALWAYS a hit for both you AND your children! Drop them off to be entertained by us for 3 blissful hours, from 7-10pm. Take a nap, take a bath, take a break! All we care about is that you take a hike while we fill their evening with some painting, snacking, movie watching, and giggling fun!

Must preregister by calling the shop (or stopping by) and prepaying as there are limited spaces available. 

The Empty Bowl Project

The Empty Bowl Project is something that we participate in every year. You can participate individually or as a group (friends, team building, church, scouts, etc). 

Come in and pick out a bowl to paint. There is a reduced price for the specific bowls that we carry for the project. Paint the bowl and leave it at the shop. A volunteer from The Empty Bowl Project will come and pick up all of the painted bowls to be displayed at the event. 

If you would like to keep your bowl, we will accept the suggested donation (in cash or check only) set by the Empty Bowl Project and forward it on to the event coordinators. This donation is set by the event coordinators and is in addition to the cost of painting the bowl at our shop. We only accept cash or check because we do not ring this up in our system. We simply hand your donation over to the coordinators when they pick up the bowls.

Please let us know at the time of payment if you are a tax free organization.


Call the shop to schedule time to come and paint your bowl(s), today!

Empty Bowl painting begins September 1st and ends mid-November.

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