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Walk-in Projects

Come in at your convenience to complete one of these fun projects! Our staff is always ready to help. We suggest calling ahead if you are a group larger than 4 to make sure we have room, and to allow at least an hour before closing to have enough time to finish.

Our most popular option, come in and select a piece to paint from our wide variety of bisque items

After you finish painting your piece, we will glaze it to make it shine, and fire it. This process takes at least a week for you to get your final product back.

Prices are generally based on size. Most pieces fall within the $15-30 range

Ceramic Painting

Glass fusing, so fun yet simple! Our walk in glass projects are pre cut, and ready for assembly so that all you have to do is glue the pieces you like together

Come and create nightlights, suncatchers, jewlery and more!

After that, we fire it in our glass kiln, and you should receive your piece in around 1-2 weeks depending on what piece you created.

Price depends on size of glass base chosen

Glass Fusing

Want to come in and do something that won't have to go through the kiln? We have both our adult and kids canvas templates available to use for walk in canvas painting. 

All you have to do is look through the book of templates to find the canvas you want to do, and then pull out the easy to follow instructions that go along with it 

The instructions include everything from what brushes are recommended, the colors you need to use, and techniques that will help you to make your painting look like the picture!


12x12 kids canvas is $20

16x20 adult canvas is $25 

Canvas Painting

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